This White Sage is the perfect ingredient to clean up the air after a healing session or even just a weekly cleansing routine at home to remove any negative energies.

White Sage

White Sage is the first thing you notice in any healing center or practitioners of any kind of energy modality. You have to burn white sage leaves to feel how it cleanses any space of negativity. It brings an instant sense of calmness and lightness in the air. Of course, this is our experience but burning sage leaves for cleansing a room, group of people or even a single person is an ancient ritual in some cultures.
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White Sage is also said to improve clarity, concentration, sluggishness in any room or even people. If you are feeling a bit run down just try burning some sage to clean up the air and lift the mood. You can even use White Sage to cleanse your aura.

What is Smudging?

The process of burning a bunch of burning dried herbs or leaves as this sage bundle is called smudging. It can be an easy walk through the home and allowing the smoke to clear the energy of the space or it can be as elaborate as a ceremony; where people drum, sing, chant while another person fans the smoke of the sage with a feather all around.

Do the method that works best for you but remember that intent is important. Sage is burned to cleanse and purify.

Once you are done with smudging you can use prayers, anointing oils, holy water, incense or Palo santo to bless the space. By doing this we are inviting the angels and our ancestors to come into our space and take care of us.

How often should you Smudge your space?

We always recommend going with your intuition. If you are reading this information now, there is a very good chance that you already have developed or are working on developing your intuitive skills. However, a good time to bring out the smudging stick would be:

  • After a healing session
  • If you have too many visitors in your space
  • Definitely after an argument or any stressful situation
  • When the planets are done doing fun things, such as an eclipse, a full or new moon night or after Mercury Retrograde (thats a big one)!
  • Before you start any prayers or rituals
  • If you have a lot of negative thoughts
  • When you feel weighed down by your emotions

How should you use your smudging stick?

Clear your mind. Set an intention – it can be as simple as “Thank you for cleansing the energy in my space”.

We recommend you take along your Abolone shell with a small tea light in it as Smudge tend to go off and need re-lighting.
Light one end of your smudge stick and walk around your space moving the smoke in all directions with a feather or your hand. Make sure you cover the corners of each room – energy is stickiest in the corners and in heavy furniture and curtains.

Once done – simply place your smudge stick in your Abalone shell Most smudge sticks will usually go off themselves in a couple of minutes. If it doesn’t, you can snuff the smudge stick against the abalone shell.

*Never leave your smudge stick un-attended while it is still giving out heavy smoke.*

Can you cleanse your crystals with your smudge stick?

Definitely yes! It’s the safest method to cleanse your crystals without having to worry if it will damage your crystals. Read more about cleansing your crystals.


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