Dragons Blood Sage or Red Sage




Dragons Blood Sage or Red Sage is simply white sage coated with dragons blood resin. While Sage will cleanse your space; Dragons Blood Sage will cleanse, heal and protect you and the energy in your space.

What is Dragons Blood Sage?

White Sage coated in blood? Surely not the blood from a dragon! Dragons blood sage gets its color from a resin that is harvested from the fruit of a plant. It originates from various regions; the most famous being that from Sumatra.

Maud Grieves modern herbal says,

“The berries are about the size of a cherry, and pointed. When ripe they are covered with a reddish, resinous substance which is separated in several ways, the most satisfactory being by steaming, or by shaking or rubbing in coarse, canvas bags. An inferior kind is obtained by boiling the fruits to obtain a decoction after they have undergone the second process. The product may come to market in beads, joined as if forming a necklace, and covered with leaves … or in small, round sticks about 18 inches long, packed in leaves and strips of cane. Other varieties are found in irregular lumps, or in a reddish powder. They are known as lump, stick, reed, tear, or saucer Dragon’s Blood.”

The resin is used in many ways such as varnishes, tooth-pastes, tinctures, dyes, in cosmetics, etc.

Dragons blood on its own is used in rituals and as incense – best when combined with other herbs and burnt on charcoal like the bakhoor that is found so easy in the Middle East.

Why is it added to White Sage?

White sage is known to clear out any negative energies from your space. Loved by healers to cleanse their space after a heavy session. peptides bodybuilding Dragons blood when added to regular white sage – enhances the benefits of the white sage and gives you the extra boost of metaphysical protection

Benefits of Dragons Blood Sage

Dragon’s blood is good to use when performing rituals for cleansing and protection. It takes away negative energies. It is also used in blessings. Modern magickal practitioners use dragon’s blood for various purposes as it is said to increase the potency of magickal workings, aid in returning lost love, and has powerful protection properties. It is used to cleanse an area of negativity & for energizing psychically, magickally and spiritually. It is also said to enhance health, virility and to cure impotency. Dragon’s blood is also known to act as a strong detox and blood cleaner.


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